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How not to kill a cactus

As amazing as it may sound I have become an expert at killing cacti.

For the past year though, this set of succulents have managed  to survive.


Step one: Desert plants don’t need litres of water. In fact, if left in a humid place watering is not necessary .

Step two: Always place them in the sunniest part in the house.

Step three: Cacti like to be talked to, just like any other  plant.

Step four: Fell free to break of leaves as the regrow rots and new plants.

Summer in Arrabida

This is one of the best Coasts in Portugal (in my opinion). And, the fact that the area has my local beaches, doesn’t mean I’m buyist.

Galapos, is one of many beautiful beaches nestled in the bay at the foot of the Arrabida mountains. Arrabida has been a protected national park since 1976 and is located in the Setubal region.

A nice Arrabida viewpoint .

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