Until recently sea salt was considered a basic commodity—sea salt was just salt! Now however, gourmet chefs, in homes and in restaurants, have learned to appreciate and distinguish between the distinctive qualities of the many varieties of gourmet sea salts and the ways these salts enhance the flavors and finish of foods.


Coarse salt:

Use coarse salt to grind over any
dish, create a salt crust on meat or fish, and to flavor soups, stews and pasta.


Finishing salt:

These salts bring out the depth of natural flavors of any dish, and also add to a beautiful tableside presentation. The various colors and flakes of finishing salts make gorgeous garnishes for every meal.


Flake salt:

Flake sea salt is a light crystal reminiscent of snowflakes. Seawaters are evaporated using the natural processes of sun and wind, producing salt brine that is fed into an open evaporating pan.

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