Vicentina Cost (Portugal)

Vicentina Coast it is the most famous coast in Portugal. Where you can find   beautiful Landscapes, and spectacular  beaches .

 de São Torpes

Porto Covo

Pessegueiro Island

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Cabo Sardão






Map Vicentina Coast (Portugal)

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Serra da Estrela (portugal)

Located in inland central Portugal, this beautiful area called the Serra da Estrela is in fact a protected National Park. It is a wonderful place to explore. In the summer it doesn’t get  too hot, and on a clear day you might even be able to see the sea over 150 kilometres in the distance! There is plenty to see and do. Dramatic crags and ravines makes this area a stunningly beautiful drive or hike. There are several walking trails.  In winter this magical area is transformed into a glittering white kingdom.

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